St Johns Nottingham

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

Ethos and Values Statement

Our school motto is to “Be the BEST”, which is lived out through the following values:

Believe Endeavour Succeed Together

Our aim is to:


To have high expectations – and to believe that they can be achieved

To approach each day and each challenge with confidence in ourselves and others

To support the ethos of the school, which is based on belief in the Christian faith


To always try our best in every situation

Persevere when a task is challenging

To challenge ourselves to achieve our BEST

To encourage others to persevere


To enable children to achieve at least national expectations at all levels

To create opportunities for educational and social success for all – pupils, parents and staff

To celebrate success and achievement

Recognise that success comes in many forms – not just academically


To work together as a school community to achieve our very BEST

For the whole school community to understand the importance of fairness and how their actions can contribute to a supportive and harmonious atmosphere

To prepare children for their lifelong learning journey at this school and beyond


This statement was agreed by the Strategic Development committee of the Governing Body.  It was last amended on 23rd January 2019.