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C3's 2020 - 2021 Highlights

We have already been very busy this year! Below you can find lots of pictures of the activities we have been getting up to since September!


Harvest Festival

Today, we had a very special assembly with Revered Simon all about Harvest Festival. We discussed how our food is harvested and why we donate it to other people or charities. We also enjoyed a sing and dance to Reverend Simon's song!

Terrific Topic 

Our Topic for this half term is all about 'Our Local Area'. We have been discussing the different places we have visited in Nottingham and learning all about the tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men! We worked so hard this week to plot some popular places in Nottingham onto a 'map' using co-ordinates - it was very tricky but we produced some impressive work!

Today during Topic, we created some paintings based on our Shared Reading book, Robin Hood. We discussed perspective and how objects may appear smaller if they are further away. Take a look below!

This morning during Topic, we got our detective hats on and looked at some old photos of Nottingham and Stapleford. We discussed what we could see, before looking at modern photos to explore the similarities and differences. We then used iPads to research some different locations in Nottingham - we found some very old photos! 

This morning, for our last Topic lesson of this half term, we created some collages of Robin Hood's famous hat. We used green tissue paper to create our shapes, then added a red feather! We had lots of fun!


Marvellous Music

This afternoon, we got our instruments out to recreate the story of Robin Hood. We discussed which sounds might represent different characters best and had fun experimenting with triangles, xylophones, drums, scrapers, and maracas!


Super Science 

This half term in our Science lessons, we are learning all about 'Sound'. We have had lots of fun already by investigating how sounds travel and how we can change the pitch of sounds. Last week, we investigated tuning forks and described what we could see when we put them into water! This week, we played some different instruments, including the Piano and a Xylophone, to experiment with pitch - we had a great time making lots of different sounds!

Today in Science, we used all of our 'sound' knowledge, including pitches and vibrations, to make our very own instruments. We made guitars using boxes and elastic bands and we made sure to use some thick and thin bands to create different sounds. On our panpipes, we cut the straws to allow different amounts of air to travel through to see if we could hear low and high notes!


Remembrance Day and Children in Need

This afternoon, we learned all about Remembrance Day and why we commemorate it. We understood why we wear poppies and created a beautiful display!

Today, we dressed up in our yellow and spotty outfits for Children in Need. We discussed the importance of charities and helping people who need it the most.


 Terrific Topic

We began our new Topic today - The Stone Age! We learned about lots of different key events and gained an insight into how Stone Age people might have lived. We created some fantastic timelines to present the events in chronological order!

This morning, we became Stone Age people and created some super cave paintings!

 This afternoon, we created a fact file all about Skara Brae on the island of Orkney and then used clay to create our own Stonehenge!


 Super Science

This afternoon, we learned all about complete and incomplete circuits. We found out that batteries are positive and negative and must be connected on both ends for the lightbulb to shine!

 Today, we continued our learning about circuits and incorporated some buzzers into them! We had lots of fun making a noise!


Exciting English

To begin our new English topic all about instruction writing, we followed a set of instructions to create a handprint woolly mammoth!


Wonderful World Religions

Today in RE, we explored the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We learned all about Goddess Lakshmi and how Hindus decorate their houses! We then decorated our own Rangoli Patterns!