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Class 3 Transition Information

Welcome to Class 3's Transition Information Section!

 Although it has been a very strange few months, it is now almost time for the Summer Holidays. The wonderful Year 2's will soon be Year 3's, my Year 3's will become grown-up Year 4's and my Year 4's will move on to Class 4 with Miss Morrell. Below, you can find lots of information and links to activities that may help to prepare your child for the changes. 


 Oxford Owl Transition Packs

Linked below are the Oxford Owl Transition Packs. These include lots of information about your child's new year group, including, a Y3, Y4 and Y5 overview, Reading and Maths information, and links to buy resources that your child may find useful. The packs also provide lots of free resources for your child to have a go at over the Summer Holidays.


To access the Y3 pack (for current Y2 children), click here: Y3 Pack

To access the Y4 pack (for current Y3 children), click here: Y4 Pack

To access the Y5 pack (for current Y4 children), click here: Y5 Pack


Helping to Prepare your Child for Y3, Y4 and Y5

Below are some activities to have a go at to prepare your child for coming back into the school environment.


To read a Social Story about returning to St John's: Social Story

To support discussions with your child about returning to St John's: Talking Points

'Brilliant Book Lists' for your child's new year group: Y3  Y4  Y5

Parental Guidance and Advice regarding Reading: Y3  Y4  Y5

'Read and Respond' Activities for your child's new year group: Y3  Y4  Y5

Parental Guidance and Advice regarding Times Tables: Times Tables Strategies

Maths Activity Packs: Y3  Y4  Y5


Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activities

Changing year groups and classes can be a stressful time so wellbeing is very important to us. I will regularly update this section with mindfulness activities to help your child feel calm about the transition. 


To complete a 'Get to Know Me' Activity: To my New Teacher Booklet

To let me know all about your Summer Holidays: Summer Snapshots

To let me know about some activities you enjoyed during lockdown: Lockdown Memories

To tell me what you have enjoyed this year: School Year Memories

Colouring: Mindfulness Colouring

To make a Positivity Jar: Positivity Jar

To have a go at some Mindfulness Challenges: Challenge Cards

To listen to a therapeutic story: The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery Story


Photos of Class 3 

Here are some photos of Class 3! Our tables are in rows and we have our own brand new trays for our tables! You will be sharing a pencil pot with your table partner, although you will have your own stationery in the pot.