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New to Year 5 and Year 6 Transition Information

Information for children  

Dear Year 5 and Year 6, 

Below are some messages, activities and resources that might you prepare yourself for coming back to school and entertain yourselves during the summer. Have fun exploring what is below! 

Mrs Downes :-) 


Attention new year 5 children

Dear my new Year 5 pupils, 

Obviously I know all your names, what you look like and I have spoken to you several times during your time at St John's however, I don't really know you. It would be great if you could have a go at completing the "All About Me" booklet or "All About Me" poster to bring with you in September. I would love to find out more about your likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests.

If you can't print these documents off then maybe you could use some of the questions and topics to create your own poster about you to bring in.

If you wish to email something through to the account before September I will endeavour to read it but bringing it in, on your first day back in September that will be fine. I look forward to finding out more about you as a person in the next academic year!

Miss Morrell :-)  


Click here to access the All About Me booklet 

Click here to access the All About Me poster 



Attention New Year 6 children

Dear my Year 6 pupils, 

I've taught you for a year now and obviously know you quite well. Over the summer I would like you to have a think about how you feel about coming back as a Year 6 pupil and complete the letter to me. 

If you can't print the document off then maybe you could use the layout and write your own letter on paper.

If you wish to email something through to the account before September I will endeavour to read it but bringing it in, on your first day back in September will be fine. I look forward to reading your letters about how you're feeling about coming back to school as a Year 6 pupil.

Miss Morrell :-)


Click here for the letter template 



Transition and summer activities and links 

  In preparation for Year 5 or Year 6 you might like to have a go at these activity booklets: 

Click here for the Year 5 English themed transition activity booklet

Click here for the Year 6 English themed transition activity booklet

Click here for the Year 5 maths themed transition activity booklet

Click here for the Year 6 maths themed transition activity booklet

More resources to do during the summer holidays:

Click here for some summer themed colouring in sheets

Click here for an end of summer term activity booklet 

If you get a little bored over the summer holidays why not try one of the 101 Summer Activities for children which has been put together by an American summer camp company click here for more details. 


Information for Parents/Carers 


When your child starts in Class 4 and visits during the transition day they will receive information about life in Class 4. Click here for a presentation for you as parents/carers, which contains useful information that you can read at your leisure and also chat through with your child/children.  


Preparing for change 

 Click here for a poster with some top tips on helping your child prepare for change. 

Oxford Owl Year 5 and 6 guides 

  To help understand what life will be like in Years 5 and 6 and to help prepare your child for these year groups Oxford Owl have produced some really good online guides. They give you an overview of the learning and expectations for these year groups, as well as some top tips to help prepare your child for the return to school. Alongside all this there are some activities that your child can complete over the summer holiday e.g. summer reading challenges, treasure hunts and number puzzles. 

Click here for the 'Get ready for Year 5' guide 

Click here for the 'Get ready for Year 6' guide 

Resources to help support your child's learning 

It is expected that by the end of Year 6 children should know all of the spellings from Years 5 and 6 but also those from Years 3 and 4. This includes reading them accurately, spelling them correctly and using them within their written work. Children will revise these spellings and spelling rules throughout English lessons and through their weekly spelling tests. Click on the links below to practise the words with your child. 

Years 3 and 4 spelling mat

Years 5 and 5 spelling mat

We also learn a lot of grammatical terms as part of English lessons during the year. Click here for a glossary of the different terms which may support you with your child's homework and learning. 

By the end of Year 6 all children need to be able to answer arithmetic and written calculations. It might help you to become familiar with our calculation methods by reading the calculation policy - click here for more information



Year 6 Transition to Secondary School Information

Click here for parent/carer letter about Year 6 transition to secondary school

Click here for Starting Secondary School: A Parent's Guide put together by Oxford  University Press 

You should have received information packs from your child's school in connection with transition. In addition to these information packs the websites for your child's new school are a good place for you to find out information regarding their transition arrangements and also the school. 


Additional resources: 

Moving Up! Transition to secondary school animation video by Anna Freud Centre 

Find Your Feet: Transitioning to Secondary School Young Minds Resources 

Dealing with change leaflet for parents 

Moving up activity book 

All about me profile page 

Transition to Secondary School board game 

Ready for Secondary resources (R4S):

Telling game instructions 

Telling game cards 

Lingo Bingo game instructions 

Lingo Bingo Playing cards 

Lingo Bingo Matching Cards 

Scenario Game Instructions