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Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 in Class 4


On Thursday 31st March it was Mexican Fiesta Day in Class 4. The children were invited to dress up for the day and I think you will agree, when you've looked at the photographs, how super they all looked! During the day the children made either guacamole, tomato salsa or sweet sugar biscuits before then writing some instructions on how to make them. They then made some Mexican worry dolls, a 'Day of the Dead' skull and some maracas before finishing the day enjoying some Mexican inspired food - including the food we'd made earlier in the day. There was even a nice sweet treat from one of our parents to finish off the day in style. Have a look at the photographs below showing the fun filled day!


Class 4 Mexico Day 2022



Castleton Residential March 2022

 Years 4, 5 and 6 children went on the residential to Castleton, Derbyshire from Wednesday 9th March to Friday 11th March. On Wednesday we had a great time exploring the woods around Ladybower Dam where we learned about how the Dambusters used this reservoir to practise low flying and precision aiming in preparation for their mission in Germany. In the evening we went swimming to Glossop Swimming Baths. During the second day, we walked through lovely countryside towards Mam Tor, where we saw the old road to Sheffield and Chapel-en-le-Frith, which has eroded away, before exploring Treak Cliff Cavern to see the famous Blue John stone. The evening of Thursday was quiz night and a movie night. The last day, after packing up and saying farewell to the Youth Hostel (our home for the two nights), we visited Monsal Trail where we walked through a disused train tunnel - we even ate our lunch in there! We came home safe and sound, albeit a bit tired, but what a fantastic three days it was! Why not check out all the exciting things we did by looking at the slide show of photographs below?


Castleton Residential March 2022





On Thursday 3rd March St John's CofE Primary celebrated World Book Day alongside many other children across the country. There were many characters from a wide range of books in Class 4 on this day. Have a look at the images below and see if you can work out the characters and books they are from. 

Class 4 World Book Day



During the week commencing 28th February 2022, we held our annual a science week. This year's theme was 'Growth'. On Monday Mr Downes delivered a 'Growth' inspired assembly where the children learnt that the Eiffel Tower grows every summer! Why not ask them why this is? During the week we took part in different investigations and tasks all about 'Growth'.

These were:

- Creating our own amino acid chains.

- Making our own slime, to see how far it stretched and grew, although this was not too successful, but we had great fun anyway!

- Counting the number of vehicles that pass our school in 10 minutes and discussing ways we could reduce the growth of carbon dioxide in our planet.

- Designing a new animal which could live on the planet Mars. 

Here are some images showing the children taking part in some of these activities. 


 During the Spring term Class 4 studied Mexico. The children have learned all about the different biomes found in Mexico, how they grow and produce some of their own food as well as learning more about their culture and different traditions. Class 4 have written some super non-chronological reports all about Mexico. Have a look at a selection of these below. 


Class 4 Mexico reports






During the week of 7th - 13th February Class 4 took part in activities linked with Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme was 'Growing Together' which was introduced during a whole school assembly by Mr Downes. During the week the children thought about how they have grown physically, emotionally and educationally and who helps us to grow. We also thought about how we can help and encourage others to grow. Below are some images showing the children writing down ideas about how they have grown and also designing their own 'Support Balloons' reflecting on who helps them to grow or who they can ask for help and advice. The children also planted their own sunflower seeds to take home to show that growth is not always something we can see immediately and that we don't always notice that something is growing – but it is. We are looking forward to seeing whose sunflower will grow the tallest! 


Class 4 Mental Health Week




 Class 4 have discovered how the earth is separated into different sections called tectonic plates and how the movement of these plates can cause earthquakes and volcanoes. As part of this module we have: made our own seismographs to measure an earthquake; tried to build earthquake proof buildings and erupted some volcanoes - have a look at the photographs below. 



 We have also created some fantastic pieces of artwork in the style of the artist Margaret Godfrey showing the inside of a volcano in an abstract way.





During the Autumn term Class 4 had 10 sessions of DARE, which stands for Drugs, Alcohol and Resistance Education. These sessions helped the children understand different topics and life situations they may come across the older they become, as well as ways they can keep themselves and others safe.

On Tuesday 7th December Class 4 delivered a presentation to their parents/carers about what they have learnt through the DARE sessions. Click here to read through the PowerPoint they put together as part of the presentation. 

Here are some photographs of the presentation, which include some posters of facts, drama performances and the receiving of their DARE certificate. 


DARE Presentation



In history Class 4 learned all about World War II. They wrote declaration speeches like the one Winston Churchill gave and then researched about his life to write a biography. We learned that many children were evacuated from cities to the countryside for safety and followed the journey of William Beech in our class text Goodnight Mr Tom. We practised writing a diary from the point of view of an evacuated child informing their parents of their new home. We also had time to plot the cities which were bombed during The Blitz, made our own spitfires and also designed our own Blitz skyline pictures, which can be seen in this photo grid.



  As part of this topic the children had to research facts about The Blitz - here are a selection of photographs showing the super homework that was completed. 


The Blitz Homework


This November marked 100 years since the nation’s collective Remembrance traditions were first brought together. This includes the wearing and significance of the poppy, the two minute silence, Armistice Day, the service for the Unknown Warrior and the march past the Cenotaph in London. These are traditions which millions participate in every year and have now done so for 100 years. For homework, Class 4 had to design a piece of artwork to reflect the reason or reasons we have Remembrance traditions and the significance of the poppy. Here are some pictures of the super homework handed in.  


Remembrance Homework



We took part in Anti-Bullying Week (WC 15.11.21) and started the week off by wearing odd socks - here are our odd socks! 


 This year's theme for Anti-Bullying Week was Kindness and we thought of different ways over the week we can show kindness to one another. 



In RE Class 4 are thinking and reflecting about the importance of God to Christians. The children read different Bible verses and identified ways the Bible describes God. The children then thought of their own words to describe him and the work he has done and continues to do for Christians around the world.  We then looked at how God is holy and loving, again reading texts from the Bible but also thinking of our own thoughts and ideas. To reflect God being holy and loving we created pieces of artwork, here is a selection of the work they created. 


God holy and loving artwork