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Spring and Summer terms of 2021 


Tudor Day - Friday 23rd July 

 On Friday 23rd July we had a Tudor Day in Class 4. Some of the children chose to dress up, wore a crown for the day to represent Henry VIII's reign or put their hair up in Tudor style plaits. In the morning we designed and drew symmetrical Tudor knot gardens in maths, then wrote a persuasive house advertisement for a Tudor property in our English lesson. During the afternoon we made marzipan sweets and a Tudor rose before having a Tudor style banquet! A great day was had by all. 


Year 6 Sleepover

Year 6s had great fun during their sleepover one Friday night at school. They enjoyed: making their own pizzas before eating them for their tea; learning to sing 'Sweet Caroline' in preparation for the Euro final; playing sports on the school field; watching a film before settling down to sleep in the classrooms. After about a 6 hour rest, it was time to eat breakfast together, which consisted of cereals and some bacon or sausage cobs before it was home time! 


Knights, Castles and Middle Ages Day

As part of the whole school topic 'Castles' we had a visitor into school to deliver a morning full of facts and artefacts from The Middle Ages as well as information on castles and knights. The children learned all about life in The Middle Ages, they took part in some medieval dancing and then looked at some of the artefacts from this time. The artefacts included a potty, women's underskirt, gauntlets and a knight's helmet. Here are a few photographs of the session. 


As a follow up activity the children then created their own non-chronological report about The Middle Ages. Below are a few photographs showing some of the fact filled work they created.   








Sports Day

On Friday 2nd July we held our socially distanced Sports Day for Classes 3 and 4. Below are a few pictures of the children taking part in the races which included: skipping, egg and spoon (in our case a tennis racket and tennis ball), an obstacle race and a running race.

All children tried their best and showed good sportsmanship!



The whole school summer topic was 'Castles'. As part of this topic Class 4 learned about the first castles called Motte and Bailey castles, which started from the time William the Conqueror was England's king. They learned about The Battle of Hastings and designed their own Bayeux Tapestry of the story of the battle from 1066AD. The children learned about the jobs of people in castles including a gong farmer, who used to collect people's wee and poo! The children made their own drawbridges before acting out an attack on a castle. Plus they designed and painted some cubism pieces of art based on the artwork 'Castle and Sun' by the artist Paul Klee. Take a look at some of the children's work.  




 In science the topic was Living Things and their Habitats. The children discovered how Aristotle studied humans, plants and animals before grouping them into different categories. We learned about the parts of a flower and even dissected one! We have also discovered that plants can be flowering and non-flowering and that bees pollinate flowers to help them reproduce. 


Ancient Greek Day - Friday 30th April


 On Friday 30th April Class 4 took part in an Ancient Greek day. As part of this day the children were asked to dress up in an Ancient Greek costume - they looked fab! During the day they: wrote instructions for how to make a Greek salad; decorated a pot using the style of Ancient Greek pottery patterns and images; made a 3D Trojan horse; took part in some Olympic sports such as javelin, discus and shotput and also tried some Greek food. Have a look at the slideshow below to see what a great day we had. 


What have we been learning since March 2020?


In topic we continued our Ancient Greece module. We learned about life in the two city states of Athens and Sparta. We learned what it was like for men, women and children in Ancient Greek times. As part of this module we read a range of Greek myths writing them in our words and also creating playscripts of them too. Class 4  had great fun completing some Ancient Greek themed homework activities including designing and making their own shields for Spartan soldiers, making and eating some Greek food, creating posters to advertise Greece and designing their own labyrinths. Take a look at some of the pictures of the homework tasks in the slideshow. 

We also built a 3D Parthenon - here are the children cutting out and assembling their Parthenon. 



Here they are finished - don't they look great! 





The children have also designed and painted their own Greek pot using the style of Ancient Greece pottery, which was different tones of black, brown and orange. 



In science we finished off our materials module by undertaking lots of experiments which were originally planned for January 2021. 

We learned about irreversible changes by discussing what happens when you put bread into a toaster and also when you mix flour, salt, yeast and water to make bread dough. 

We also took part in an experiment discovering what happens when you mix acids with bicarbonate of soda in an irreversible change. We timed how long it took for raisins to stop moving and found out that vinegar was one of the better acids whereas milk was too weak to move the raisins at all! 




Happy Easter!

 On Thursday 1st April Reverend Simon and Jamie from St Helen's Church came to deliver our Easter service. Although it was a little chilly outside, it was great to share together as a school, in our bubbles of course, the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter.